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IAEA Welcomes Recently-appointed National Liaison Officers and Assistants from Latin America and the Caribbean


Recently appointed NLOs and NLAs of 17 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean attended a week-long training at IAEA Headquarters. (Photo: O. Yusuf/IAEA)

Thirty-three recently-appointed National Liaison Officers (NLOs), National Liaison Assistants (NLAs) and National Coordinators for ARCAL (NCAs) from the Latin America and the Caribbean region attended a training course at IAEA Headquarters from 4 to 8 March. The training course provided a comprehensive overview of the work carried out by the Agency through the technical cooperation programme, and clarified the obligations, expectations and responsibilities associated with the new roles of the participants.

As well as offering an overview of the many applications of nuclear technologies, the course included visits to the IAEA’s laboratories in Seibersdorf and headquarters, providing participants with an opportunity to see at first-hand how nuclear science and technology can be used to address a range of development challenges.

As quality assurance and a results-based approach are key features of the TC programme, the participants received an overview of the Logical Framework Approach which forms the basis for the design of TC projects. The training course also introduced the participants to digital tools and platforms used by the TC programme, such as the Programme Cycle Management Framework (PCMF) and Intouch+.

“The participation of the new National Coordinators of ARCAL in this activity was very important, so that they could understand the mechanisms for requesting activities from the IAEA, so they can perform their job more efficiently and effectively,” said Nancy de la Cruz González, the National Coordinator of ARCAL for Mexico.

The Role of National Liaison Officers and Assistants

Visiting the IAEA Insect Pest Control Laboratory to learn how nuclear techniques support the suppression and eradication of pests. (Photo: C. Dias/IAEA)

The National Liaison Officer is the primary contact person between the IAEA and a Member State on matters relating to the IAEA, in particular the TC programme. The efficient and effective planning, formulation and management of the TC programme, and other related IAEA activities, strongly depend on the NLO. National Liaison Officers have two key roles to play—helping the IAEA to understand the country’s needs, and helping the country to understand the IAEA—while their National Liaison Assistant supports those activities.

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