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Looking Ahead: Important 2019 Events at the IAEA


What's ahead for the IAEA and the global nuclear agenda in 2019? Here is a preview of selected meetings and events:


The IAEA Board’s meeting will commence on 4 March in Vienna.


The International Symposium on Isotope Hydrology will facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge among water and environment professionals from developed and developing countries in order to advance the understanding, collaboration and capabilities to respond to the rapidly changing global environment. They will discuss the use of isotopic techniques in the study of water resources.


The summer meeting of the Board of Governors will start on 10 June.

A symposium will cover recent developments in the field of radiation dosimetry standards, applications and quality assurance. It will provide a forum for the sharing of knowledge and dissemination of information related to advances in radiation dosimetry, radiation medicine, radiation protection and associated standards over the last decade.

The IAEA will hold its International Conference on the Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors from 24 to 28 June in Vienna. The conference will provide a forum for the exchange of information on national spent fuel management strategies and on how a changing energy mix could impact these strategies to enable the achievement of national energy goals. The conference is aimed at scientists, facility designers, operators, regulators and others with responsibilities within the field of spent fuel management.


The IAEA General Conference will commence in Vienna on 16 September. Its programme will again include a Scientific Forum held on 17-18 September, and the IAEA Board will meet both before and after the General Conference from 9 to 13 September and again on 23 September.


The International Conference on Climate Change and the Role of Nuclear Power will be held on 7-11 October in Vienna. It will follow on from the conclusions of the 2018 Scientific Forum, which discussed what nuclear technology can offer to address climate change in terms of mitigation, monitoring and adaptation.  

The International Symposium on Trends in Radiopharmaceuticals will provide scientists and professionals working in the fields of production of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals an international forum for discussing the most recent developments in the field. These include development, production and uses of diagnostic, therapeutic and theranostic radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals, as well as regulatory and licensing issues related to their production.


The IAEA Board’s Technical Assistance and Cooperation Committee will meet starting 18 November. The full IAEA Board will convene on 21 November.

The IAEA will hold its International Conference on Effective Nuclear and Radiation Regulatory Systems from 4 to 7 November. 

Utilization and applications of research reactors, research reactor operation and maintenance, new research reactor programmes and the safety and security of research reactors will be discussed at the international conference to be held on the topic from 25 to 29 November in Buenos Aires. The conference is a forum in which reactor operators, managers, users, regulators, designers and suppliers can share experience and address challenges and opportunities to ensure effectiveness and sustainability in all relevant areas including safety, security, operation, utilization, infrastructure and management.


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