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The IAEA Takes its Nuclear Security Plan to Diplomats in New York


Continuity of evidence is important to ensure chain of custody in any investigation that involves nuclear forensics, accounting for movement of the evidence to demonstrate that it has stayed within authorized control. (Photo: D. Calma/IAEA)

On 29 April 2015 delegates gathered on the sidelines of the 2015 Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non‑Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) at United Nations headquarters in New York to discuss the implementation of the IAEA Nuclear Security Plan 2014-2017.

The discussion was led by Geoffrey Shaw, the representative of IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano at the United Nations.

The presentation covered the nature of modern nuclear security threats, measures being used to combat these threats, international instruments, such as treaties, safety standards and guidelines, and the role of the IAEA in the global nuclear security framework.

The Nuclear Security Plan 2014-2017 aims "To contribute to global efforts to achieve effective security wherever nuclear and other radioactive material is in use, storage and/or transport, and of associated facilities by supporting States, upon their request to meet their national responsibilities and international obligations, to reduce risks and respond appropriately to threats." Shaw described the seven key elements of the plan:

  1. Needs Assessment, Information and Cybersecurity - to maintain a comprehensive information system that supports the implementation of the Nuclear Security Plan by assisting the Agency prioritize its work to address the need for nuclear security improvements and in better identification of resources required to implement the Plan.
  2. External Coordination - to ensure effective coordination of international activities in the field of nuclear security, while avoiding overlap and duplication and to increase awareness of the IAEA activities in nuclear security.
  3. Supporting the Nuclear Security Framework Globally - to assist in the development and promotion of a comprehensive and global nuclear security framework, and in particular adherence to and implementation of the 2005 Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material including through provision of legislative assistance; to produce comprehensive guidance for issue in the Nuclear Security Series and to support upon request its implementation by States.
  4. Coordinated Research Projects - to provide technical support and confidence building networks, available to all, in order to promote information exchange on the results of research projects and to support the Nuclear Security Series guidance publications.
  5. Assessment through Self-assessment and/or through Peer Review Missions - to assist States, upon request, in improving their national nuclear security regimes through promotion of self-assessment and through the provision of peer reviews, based on the relevant international instruments and internationally accepted guidance
  6. Human Resources Development - to provide a coordinated education, awareness and training programme in nuclear security that meets the requirements and needs of identified by Member States.
  7. Risk Reduction and Security Improvement - to contribute to efforts by States to improve the security of nuclear material and nuclear facilities and radioactive sources and associated facilities and for the transport of nuclear and other radioactive material; to improve national nuclear security capabilities to act effectively when material is detected out of regulatory control as well as assisting in national efforts to reduce the risk that nuclear or other radioactive material could be in used in a criminal or intentional unauthorized act.

Upcoming IAEA events side events organized at United Nations headquarters during the NPT Review Conference include:

  • an event on nuclear safety on Friday, 1 May 2015, from 13:30 to 14:30 in Room CR-D; and
  • an event on safeguards on Friday, 8 May 2015, from 13.30 to 14:30 in the ECOSOC Chamber.

The IAEA held a High-Level Event on the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Technology on 27 April.

The IAEA is also be holding an exhibition throughout the duration of the Review Conference highlighting its activities relevant to the implementation of the NPT.

Last update: 10 Feb 2021

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