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IAEA Opening Special Exhibit on Air, Earth & Oceans

The IAEA is featuring a special exhibition about its multi-faceted work for protecting the air, earth, and ocean. (Photo credit: R.Quevenco/IAEA)

The IAEA is featuring a special exhibition about its multi-faceted work for protecting the air, earth, and ocean through applications of nuclear science and technology. Director General Mohamed ElBaradei and Prince Albert II of Monaco are officially opening the week-long event on 19 September at the Austria Centre, site of the IAEA 50th General Conference.

The exhibit showcases the many ways in which the IAEA supports activities for sustainable environmental management around the world. The opening programme includes addresses from Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme; Patricio Bernal, Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; Elizabeth Dowdeswell, President and CEO of Canada's Nuclear Waste Management Organization; Ana María Cetto, IAEA Deputy Director General for Technical Cooperation; and Werner Burkart, IAEA Deputy Director General for Nuclear Sciences and Applications.

Prince Albert II continues the long tradition of support by the Principality of Monaco to the Agency's Marine Environment Laboratory. The laboratory focuses on the study and monitoring of radioactivity in the oceans. Together with the Agency's Laboratories in Seibersdorf and Vienna, the research supports programmes contributing to the world's goals for safer and cleaner economic and environmental development.

Entitled "Nuclear Technologies for the Environment: Protecting Air, Earth and Oceans", the exhibit specifically features the unique role that nuclear technniques can play in monitoring and managing the interdependency of marine and terrestrial environments. Illustrative panels and interactive displays will present work done in the IAEA's Laboratories, and through projects covering environmental issues implemented under the IAEA Technical Cooperation programme. They will illustrate the Agency's leading role in the use of nuclear technology for environmental management, and its contribution towards the promotion of environmental responsibility.

The exhibit runs the full week of the 50th IAEA General Conference. The Conference is attended by high-level governmental delegates from the Agency's 140 Member States. See Story Resources for more information.

Last update: 03 Dec 2020

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