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The Agency's Laboratories Seibersdorf and Vienna

The Agency's Laboratories are located in the vicinity of the village of Seibersdorf (Lower Austria) about 35 km southeast of Vienna at the premises of the Austrian Research Center. One unit of the Agency's Laboratories, the Isotope Hydrology, is located in Vienna, in the same building as the IAEA's Head Quarters.

The Laboratories were established in 1962 with the objective to contribute to the implementation of the Agency's programmes and projects within its department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications, but also for Safeguards, Nuclear Safety and Security and Technical Co-operation. Therefore main activities were the provision of scientific and analytical services, research and development and training of scientists from developing countries. Programmatic responsibilities lie in the field of Assessments and Management of Terrestrial Environments and Supporting Quality in Environmental Analytical Techniques in Member States.

Since 1962, the Agency's Laboratories have expanded considerably and now occupy a surface area of about 15,000 m2. The staff number is approximately 180 and is composed of: 30% professionals, 40% technicians and 30% support staff (site maintenance, mechanical and other workshops, secretarial and administrative/logistic support). In addition the Agency's laboratories host visiting scientists, junior professionals and PhD students and interns and run training courses.

Nuclear Technologies for the Environment, Protecting Air, Earth and Oceans