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IAEA Launches Webinar Series on Nuclear Law


The IAEA is launching a new series of interactive webinars on nuclear law.

Structured in three parts and comprising nine webinars, the series aims at enhancing awareness of the role and importance of nuclear law and provides an opportunity for officials to engage in information exchange. The series will run from October to December 2020.

“This webinar series aims at addressing the ongoing needs of our Member States in nuclear law, during this current period of international travel disruptions, when physical events are not possible to organize,” said Peri Lynne Johnson, IAEA Legal Adviser and Director of the IAEA Office of Legal Affairs. “Member States’ officials from relevant government authorities and regulatory bodies will have an opportunity to learn from and interact with IAEA lawyers and international nuclear law experts in this field.”




Starting on 5 October 2020, the first webinar will provide an introduction to the IAEA, its history, programme and activities.

The webinar series on nuclear law is being implemented within the framework of the IAEA legislative assistance programme, which creates awareness among IAEA Member States of the international instruments in the nuclear field and assists them in complying with their international obligations and commitments, as well as with the drafting of corresponding national nuclear legislation. Further to the postponement of most legislative assistance activities planned and scheduled for 2020, the webinar series is intended to serve as an online alternative.

The webinar series is open to officials with a policy, legal, regulatory and/or technical background from all IAEA Member States but is expected to be particularly beneficial to officials from countries participating in the IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme that are not party to some or all of the relevant international legal instruments adopted by or under the auspices of the Agency and/or are in the process of strengthening their existing national nuclear legislative framework.

“Due to the global pandemic this year we postponed the planned IAEA legislative assistance mission to conduct a national workshop on nuclear law. This new webinar series now provides an opportunity to further our understanding of international and national nuclear law until such time we can receive the mission,” said Zdravka Tecic, Head of the Sector for Radiological and Nuclear Safety, Civil Protection Directorate at Croatia’s Ministry of the Interior. “Separately, we also look forward to discussing virtually our latest draft nuclear law with the IAEA Office of Legal Affairs”.

Interested officials may obtain further information and register for the series here.

In addition, individual links to register for each webinar are available here:

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