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IAEA Launches a New Series of Topical Webinars on Safeguards Implementation

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The topical webinars on safeguards implementation begins 23 February and will feature IAEA and international experts. (Photo: J. Wagman/IAEA)

The IAEA will launch a new series of webinars this month focused on issues in safeguards implementation. The new series, which targets safeguards practitioners, builds on the success of interactive webinars hosted by the IAEA in 2022.

The first webinar on 23 February will introduce the series by highlighting the importance of strong nuclear legal frameworks, with specific reference to safeguards agreements and regulations. The series of four webinars will focus on the legal and regulatory framework, IAEA assistance to States, design information and nuclear material accounting.

Register for the 2023 series here.

Each session in the series is approximately 90 minutes and may be attended as a stand-alone session.

  • 23 February 2023 |  Legal and Regulatory Framework

    10:00-11:30:   How do you build a strong State safeguards infrastructure? Discuss the importance of a solid legal framework and share good international practices.
  • 15 June 2023 | IAEA Assistance to States

    14:00-15:30:    What type of assistance is available to Member States? Hear about COMPASS, and discuss how States can conduct a self-evaluation to identify their needs.
  • 13 July 2023 | Design Information

    10:00-11:30:   What is design information? Explore the legal basis and the importance to assure that appropriate safeguards measures are being applied.
  • 19 October | Nuclear Material Accountancy

    14:00-15:30:   Deep dive into Nuclear Material Accountancy. Identify roles at State- and operator-level, and explore structures for the flow of nuclear material to ensure the accounting of all safeguarded nuclear material in a country.

“It’s a very good effort by the IAEA to organize webinars [open to everyone],” said a webinar participant who works at a State Regulatory Authority. “It provided an opportunity for me to revisit the fundamentals of safeguards, which I believe will strengthen the foundation of my overall understanding of the topic.”

Topics for 2023 were identified based on areas of general interest and feedback from the previous series. In 2022, 1846 people from 103 countries registered to attend the first series. The series targets State representatives who work as part of their State or regional systems of accounting for and control of nuclear material (SSAC/RSAC) on safeguards-related topics. Participants could also include representatives from international organizations, environmental or energy-related entities, academia and non-governmental organizations.

“Our primary goal is to expand our outreach and create an informal community of safeguards practitioners and experts,” said Rebecca Stevens, Team Lead of Member States Training at the IAEA. “Stakeholder engagement and outreach is an essential part of our work. We aim to develop direct connections with relevant parties in each Member State, as well as create a platform for collaboration to continuously build the capacity of national authorities.”

The webinar series will feature IAEA and international experts with direct knowledge of the subject matter in relevant and successful safeguards implementation programmes. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and to join interactive segments during the webinars.

All webinars are supported and complemented by the online resources developed by the IAEA, which are available on the IAEA’s online learning platform.

Participation in the webinars and access to the learning platform are free and open to all. Click here to register.

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