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IAEA Launches New Webinar Series on Safeguards Implementation


A new series of webinars in safeguards topics will help national authorities around the world in fulfilling their safeguards commitments. (Photo: J. Wagman/IAEA)

The IAEA is launching a series of interactive webinars to enhance national authorities’ understanding of their nuclear safeguards obligations, and support effective and efficient safeguards implementation.

The IAEA seeks to verify that States around the world use nuclear material solely for peaceful purposes. It does this by applying technical measures, known as safeguards. The application of safeguards greatly benefits from close cooperation between the IAEA and national authorities.

Each of the new webinars will feature an IAEA expert discussing various safeguards topics, including implementing safeguards at new nuclear power plants, reporting obligations under different legal instruments, and strengthening State or regional systems of accounting for and control of nuclear material (SSACs/RSACs). The webinars, to be launched on 15 February, will enable participants to learn about safeguards implementation and engage directly with IAEA experts and safeguards practitioners from Member States. Prior registration is required.

“Stakeholder engagement is an essential part of successful safeguards implementation”, said Gary Dyck, Director of the Division for Concepts and Planning, Department of Safeguards, IAEA. “The webinar series aims to establish new relationships, develop direct connections with relevant parties in States, and create a platform for collaboration through wider outreach.”

The first webinar will present the basics of safeguards infrastructure for effective implementation, and highlight how to assess and review an SSAC or RSAC.

“The webinar series is highly relevant to staff and representatives of States who work for their SSAC or RSAC. This includes staff within the government, the operator of a nuclear facility, or the national regulatory authority”, Dyck added. “Other audiences with an interest in the topics covered will include international organizations, environmental or nuclear-energy-related entities, academia, and non-governmental organisations. With these series of webinars, the IAEA wishes to expand its outreach and create an informal safeguards community across practitioners.”

Webinar participation is free of charge and open to all. Each session will last approximately 75 minutes and can be attended as a stand-alone session or as part of the series. The peer-led sessions will provide a general overview of the specific topic, and then explore a practical scenario, so participants can see real-world applications. There will also be an open plenary segment to facilitate exchange on the topic, and each session will be repeated once in order to accommodate different time zones. Resources, templates and the webinar recordings will also be open to all via the IAEA’s open e-learning platform.

“During the pandemic, it has become apparent that one-off events are useful, but a more regular and sustained avenue for engagement is required to continuously build the capacity of national authorities”, said Dyck. “The webinar series is one way to address this continuous engagement and learning for all.”

Learn more about the Webinar Series and register.


Last update: 31 Aug 2022

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