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IAEA Holds Workshop for Radiological Assessors in Asia and the Pacific


A specialized detector of the kind used during a Regional Workshop for Radiological Assessors in a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency. Such detectors are used to locate and identify dangerous radiation sources. (Photo: S. Harvey/IAEA)

A recent IAEA workshop held in Melbourne, Australia, strengthened the skills of 35 experts from 10 Asia and the Pacific Member States who are responsible for advising authorities on how to protect the public in a nuclear or radiological emergency.

Radiological assessors use the results of radiological surveys and dose assessments to develop recommendations on protective and other response actions. They are also involved in contamination control and radiation protection of emergency responders.

The Regional Workshop for Radiological Assessors in a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency covered topics such as field monitoring, radiation source recovery and how to create clear and accurate information that can serve as a basis for authorities’ decisions.

The workshop, supported by the United States Department of Energy and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, also aimed to contribute to the coordination of emergency response approaches in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mark Breitinger, Emergency Preparedness Officer with the IAEA Incident and Emergency Centre, said: “Our challenge is to support radiological assessors as they strengthen their skills in line with international safety standards, in order to improve emergency preparedness and response arrangements throughout the region”.

The workshop formed part of the IAEA’s training programme in emergency preparedness and response.

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