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IAEA Holds First School on Drafting Regulations for Both Radiation Safety and Nuclear Security


Participants in the Regional School for Drafting Radiation Safety and Nuclear Security Regulations held 15 July to 2 August 2019 in Vienna, Austria. (Photo: L. Guerrero Silva/IAEA)

Legal and nuclear professionals from Asia and the Pacific sharpened their ability to draft and revise regulation for both radiation safety and nuclear security during a recent IAEA School that combined the two topics for the first time.

The Regional School for Drafting Radiation Safety and Nuclear Security Regulations, held 15 July to 2 August in Vienna, supported the 17 participants in drafting and revising national regulations in the two areas  in line with the IAEA safety standards and nuclear security guidance.

“Regulations that are in line with the safety standards and the security recommendations enable regulatory bodies to carry out their oversight regulatory role effectively,” said Ibrahim Abd Elrahim Shadad, Senior Radiation Safety Specialist at the IAEA in charge of the training course. “Strong regulations have a positive impact on radiation safety and nuclear security.”

During the course, IAEA and international experts held presentations, led discussions, and supported participants as they worked in teams to draft, revise or amend their national regulations.

The agenda featured discussions during which participants exchanged views and experiences with each other and the experts who led the course.  

“Combining both safety and security regulations in one School results in a more consistent approach and adds value because the resulting safety and security regulations reinforce each other,” said Simon Vleugels, IAEA Nuclear Security Officer in charge of the course.  

Participants shared experiences of overcoming challenges and presented drafts and strategies for improving and approving national regulations on radiation safety and nuclear security.

School participant Fidel Thaddeus Borja of the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute said the course helped him strengthen his knowledge about the basic aspects of nuclear law.

“What we learned in the course will be very useful in the revision of our regulations,” he said, noting that these would be based on IAEA requirements and recommendations adapted to local conditions and capabilities.

In February 2019, the IAEA held a pilot School on Drafting Nuclear Security Regulations for African countries. That School was held immediately after a session of the well-established School for Drafting Regulations for Radiation Safety to allow participants to attend both Schools.

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