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Enhancing Nuclear Law in Bolivia: IAEA Workshop held in La Paz


Workshop participants with officials from the IAEA Office of Legal Affairs Lourdes Vez Carmona, Section Head, Non-Proliferation and Policy-Making Section and Fanny Tonos Paniagua, Nuclear and Treaty Law Section.

More than 50 officials from a wide range of ministries and other national institutions participated in a workshop on nuclear law conducted by the IAEA in La Paz, Bolivia on 17 May 2018.

The purpose of the event, organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Energies, was to provide officials from institutional stakeholders with knowledge about the features and specificities of nuclear law.

Luis Alberto Echazú, Vice-Minister of High Energy Technologies, highlighted Bolivia’s decision to boost the development of the peaceful uses of nuclear technology, the high priority given to the nuclear development programme in Bolivia and the Government’s commitment to develop adequate laws and regulations to support the programme. “We are committed to ensuring the protection of people and the environment and to comply with the highest standards in our nuclear development programme,” he said.

Luis Alberto Echazú, Viceminister of High Energy Technologies of the Ministry of Energy of Bolivia.

Javier Miranda, Head of the Regulatory Section of the Vice-Ministry, informed participants that the country is working towards a new nuclear law and joining the relevant international treaties.

During the workshop, IAEA officials placed a special focus on the key elements of an adequate national legal framework for the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation and on the international legal instruments in the areas of nuclear safety, security, safeguards and civil liability for nuclear damage that are particularly relevant for the national context.

“Participants engaged actively in the discussions and were interested in knowing about all the components of a comprehensive nuclear legal infrastructure,” said Fanny Tonos Paniagua, Legal Officer at the IAEA.

The workshop was organized in the framework of IAEA’s legislative assistance programme, which supports Member States in drafting nuclear legislation and developing national capabilities in nuclear law.

Several participants said that they found the meeting informative.

“The sessions were very useful to raise awareness about the importance of strengthening the legal framework for the regulation of nuclear activities and gave a positive impulse to our next steps in this respect,” said Ronald Berdeja Amatller, Director General of IBTEN, the Bolivian nuclear regulatory body.

Rosalba Terán Colque, Director of Legal Affairs of ABEN, the Bolivian Nuclear Energy Agency, said that “since Bolivia has undertaken the challenge of expanding the peaceful uses of nuclear technology - a historic milestone in our country -, an appropriate framework is needed. The inputs from the workshop are particularly relevant”.

Participants in Workshop on Nuclear Law. La Paz, Bolivia, 17 May 2018.

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