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Call for Papers Deadline Extended: The International Conference on Hybrid Imaging (IPET2024)


The IAEA invites interested participants to submit abstracts for its upcoming International Conference on Hybrid Imaging (IPET 2024) which will be held in Vienna, Austria from 7 to 11 October. Abstracts must be submitted by 28 March at the latest.  

In providing clinicians and imaging specialists from around the world with an international forum, IPET2024 will critically examine the pivotal role of multimodality imaging techniques and their streamlined and emerging clinical applications. The conference will critically assess current clinical indications of radiopharmaceutical therapies in cancer management, using an evidence-based approach.  

As one of the most revolutionary innovations within medicine, medical imaging has transformed healthcare by playing a fundamental role in the management of a broad spectrum of pathologies – be it by allowing early diagnosis, the evaluation of a disease’s location and spread, prognosis, the selection of the appropriate therapy or the evaluation of patient’s response to therapy, to name but a few. In light of its many scientific and technological developments, medical imaging is essential for paving the way towards personalised medicine where physicians can tailor the most appropriate medical interventions for the patients based upon the specific characteristics of their illness. 

Medical imaging technologies vary in type and function. While some enable the evaluation of structures within the body, detecting lesions as small as two to three millimetres, others help visualize the function of different organs and tissues in vivo. Hybrid imaging, for its part, provides complementary visual and quantitative information that enables morphological and functional insights. 

Against this backdrop, IPET2024 will review the role of medical imaging techniques with a special emphasis on single photon emission computed tomography- computed tomography (SPECT-CT), positron emission tomography- computed tomography (PET-CT) and positron emission tomography- magnetic resonance (PET-MR) for cancer management in adult and paediatric patients. Through interactive discussions and immersive “read with the experts” sessions, the conference will refine participants’ skills — promoting an in-depth understanding of complex cases while enhancing the quality of clinical practice globally. In particular, the conference’s special session on Ethics, Leadership, Education and Patient Advocacy will equip participants with the essential theoretical tools to assume leadership roles within their respective fields.  

Nuclear medicine physicians, radiologists, radiation oncologists, clinical oncologists, medical physicists, technologists, radiographers, radiopharmacists, radiochemists and other scientists working across the spectrum of hybrid imaging are all invited to submit high-quality contributions within the following topics: 

  • applications of PET-CT, molecular imaging and diagnostic imaging for different types of cancer (breast, lung, colorectal, prostate, neuroendocrine, thyroid etc); 

  • theranostic applications; 

  • radio-guided surgery; 

  • hybrid imaging and other imaging techniques in benign conditions; 

  • dosimetry, physics and instrumentation; 

  • radiopharmaceutical production, including good manufacturing practices and quality assurance; 

  • radiation protection for personnel and patients; 

  • quality management in nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging;

  • ethics, leadership and education for nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging professionals; and

  • experience in establishing or strengthening nuclear medicine, diagnostic imaging or radionuclide therapy facilities, including related technical cooperation projects. 

Abstracts, up to a maximum of 500 words, should be submitted electronically through the IAEA-INDICO. Instructions on uploading abstracts can be found on the IPET2024 webpage

Conference participants will be awarded an appropriate number of accredited Continuing Medical Education credits. 

IPET2024 notably follows the success of IPET 2007 (Bangkok, Thailand), IPET 2011 (Vienna, Austria), IPET 2015 (Vienna, Austria) and IPET 2020 (a virtual event held at IAEA Headquarters in Vienna, Austria). This year’s conference is being organized in cooperation with the support of ten professional societies around the world: Asociación Latinoamericana de Sociedades de Biología y Medicina Nuclear (ALASBIMN), Asia Oceania Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology (AOFNMB), Arab Society of Nuclear Medicine (ARSNM), European Society of Radiology (ESR), The International Centers for Precision Oncology Foundation (ICPO), International Society of Radiology (ISR), Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), World Association of Radiopharmaceutical and Molecular Therapy (WARMTH), and the World Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology (WFNMB). 

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