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Board of Governors Opens September Deliberations

Director General Yukiya Amano (centre) and Board Chair Muhammad Shahrul Ikram Yaakob (right) prior to the commencement of the Board. (Photo: D. Calma/IAEA)

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano today opened a busy Board of Governors meeting.

During the opening, he reported on nuclear security, nuclear verification, safeguards, assurance of fuel supply and budget-related issues.

Mr. Amano also reiterated his personal commitment to redouble efforts to help bring about a world free of nuclear weapons. "I intend to focus strongly on this goal... under the guidance of the Board of Governors."

Nuclear Security Report 2010

"Adherence to the relevant international legal instruments on nuclear security has gradually increased. However, I must point out that, while it is five years since the adoption of the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material, progress towards entry into force remains slow. The Secretariat plans to hold a meeting in November to identify ways in which assistance can be given to States that wish to adhere to the Amendment."

Nuclear Verification

Democratic People´s Republic of Korea

"As the Agency has had no inspectors in the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea since April last year, I have nothing to report to the Board on any activities of the IAEA in relation to that country. The DPRK has not permitted the Agency to implement safeguards in the country since December 2002 and it has not implemented the relevant measures called for in Security Council resolutions 1718 and 1874. I urge the DPRK to fully implement all relevant nuclear non-proliferation obligations. I again call on all parties concerned to make concerted efforts for a resumption of the Six-Party Talks at an appropriate time, with the ultimate aim of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula."

Islamic Republic of Iran

"You have before you my report on Implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement and Relevant Provisions of Security Council Resolutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran. I learned with great regret about Iran´s decision to object to the designation of two inspectors who recently conducted inspections in Iran. I express my full confidence in the professionalism and impartiality of the inspectors concerned. As noted in my report, Iran´s repeated objection to the designation of inspectors with experience in Iran´s nuclear fuel cycle and facilities hampers the inspection process. I call upon Iran once again to reconsider its decision of 16 January 2007 to request the Agency to withdraw the designation of 38 inspectors."

Syrian Arab Republic

"As my report on Implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement in the Syrian Arab Republic shows, Syria has declined to engage substantively with the Agency in connection with the unresolved issues related to the Dair Alzour site and some other locations. As a consequence, the Agency has not been able to make progress towards resolving the outstanding issues related to those sites. It is critical that Syria positively engage with the Agency on all of these issues without further delay."

Safeguards in the Middle East

"There continues to be a general lack of clarity among Member States in the region on the substance and modalities of an agreement to establish a Middle East nuclear-weapon-free zone. I will continue my consultations with concerned Member States. The NPT Review Conference in May endorsed the convening of a conference in 2012, to be attended by all States of the Middle East, on the establishment of a zone free of nuclear weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction in that region. I was very pleased that the 2010 Review Conference produced some concrete results. I hope that the proposed 2012 conference will take place with the participation of all relevant States and that it will lead to a productive outcome."

Israeli Nuclear Capabilities

"In August I visited Israel where, at the highest political level, I conveyed the General Conference´s concern about the Israeli nuclear capabilities and invited Israel to consider acceding to the NPT and placing all its nuclear facilities under comprehensive IAEA safeguards."

Tehran Research Reactor

"Regarding Iran´s request to the Agency to facilitate the supply of nuclear fuel for the Tehran Research Reactor, I have continued to consult with all concerned parties. In late July, I conveyed to all interested parties my readiness to host a meeting to facilitate the process. I stand ready to convene such a meeting, subject to the agreement of all concerned parties."

Scientific Forum

"We have been able to secure the participation of top cancer specialists, scientists and experts from all over the world for next week´s Scientific Forum, which is devoted to cancer in the developing world. This promises to be an exciting and informative event and I hope as many Member States as possible will participate."

Last update: 27 Jul 2017

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