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Scientific Forum

Cancer in Developing Countries: Facing the Challenge

21-22 September 2010

A Scientific Forum taking place 21-22 September in the M-Building at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) will focus on the theme Cancer in Developing Countries: Facing the Challenge. The Forum is being held in conjunction with the General Conference. The aim of this year's Forum is to encourage world leaders and decision makers to focus on the issue of cancer in developing countries, look for practical solutions and facilitate fund-raising efforts.


Concerted Effort Needed To Tackle Cancer Epidemic

Scientific ForumThe IAEA's Scientific Forum on Cancer in Developing Countries: Facing the Challenge opened today in Vienna, Austria. The Forum is being held annually in conjunction with the General Conference and is examining issues with regards to the problems of cancer in developing countries and the Agency's work on cancer care and control. Story →

Preventing an Impending Disaster

Margaret ChanThe rise of cancer in the developing world is "an impending disaster," said Dr. Margaret Chan, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), in her video keynote address to the IAEA's Scientific Forum.
Story → :: Video →

Seeing Cancer from the Patient's Perspective

Tumour BoardThe IAEA's 2010 Scientific Forum focuses on improving cancer control and care in the developing world. To find effective solutions, the Forum takes an interactive, cross-disciplinary approach that encourages doctors, public health experts, and government officials to actively discuss strategies to stop the cancer epidemic in the developing world. Story →

Cancer Epidemic Calls for New Agenda Setting

Tumour BoardCan we hope that significantly more resources and much greater awareness can be mobilized to make cancer control in the developing world a global health priority? Cancer experts gathered at the Scientific Forum during the 54th IAEA General Conference to answer just this question. Story →

Training and Smart Decision Making Key In Considering New Technology

Scientific Forum"New doesn't necessarily mean Better" was one of the dominant messages during the Scientific Forum at the 54th IAEA General Conference, where cancer experts discussed Emerging Technologies, Challenges and Opportunities: Role of Imaging in Breast Cancer. Story →

Do Good Without Causing Undue Harm

Scientific ForumWorldwide, about four billion X-ray exams, 35 million nuclear medicine exams and eight million radiation therapy treatment courses are undertaken each year. With millions exposed to ionizing radiation for medical purposes, and developing countries acquiring more machines to treat and diagnose cancer, the safety of patients is an ever-increasing concern. Story →