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A Decade of Outreach: Department of Technical Cooperation Hosts its 10th Seminar for Diplomats


Held each year, the Seminar for Diplomats help to acquaint Permanent Mission staff with the fundamental policies, procedures and points-of-contact of the TC Department. (Photo: O. Yusuf/IAEA)

For the past decade, the Department of Technical Cooperation has offered new staff and delegates of Vienna-based Permanent Missions the opportunity to attend a day-long seminar which presents the broad range of work conducted through the IAEA’s technical cooperation (TC) programme. On 14 October, nearly 40 diplomats from 36 countries attended the 10th edition of the Seminar on Technical Cooperation to learn more about the IAEA’s technical cooperation programme, from the policy documents which establish its mandate to the scientific expertise research which underpins its implementation and achievements.

“This Seminar for Diplomats has allowed us to provide a good foundational briefing on the technical cooperation programme for several cycles of diplomatic staff, and it gives us all space to talk to each other and to learn,” said Deputy Director General Dazhu Yang.

Designed to acquaint attendees with the fundamental policies, procedures and points-of-contact of the TC Department, the annual Seminar for Diplomats ensures that all participating delegates are well-informed about the programme and its contribution to their countries’ development priorities. Through nine sessions, the focus of the Seminar becomes increasingly specific, beginning with the broad institutional history and composition of the TC Department, and subsequently narrowing its focus to include matters related to financing, evaluating and assuring the quality of the programme’s suite of nearly 850 projects.

39 diplomats from 36 IAEA Member States participated in the day-long Seminar. (Photo: O. Yusuf/IAEA)

“The technical cooperation programme is yours,” explained Martin Krause, Director of the TC Division of Programme Support and Coordination. “The programme is driven by your needs and priorities, and the projects it implements are designed to contribute to your national development goals.”

This theme of ownership of the programme by Member States informed each session of the Seminar. Regardless of their objective, duration or the technologies they leverage, all TC projects are formulated in the same manner: Member States articulate their needs and, in close consultation with IAEA experts, design projects to address these needs and challenges, either as individual Member States—through national projects—or as a broader geographic community—through regional and interregional projects.

Fred Claps, Head of the TC Finance and Information Management Section, responded to Member State queries related to the financial aspects of the programme. (Photo: O. Yusuf/IAEA)

Najat Mokhtar, Mikhail Chudakov and Juan Carlos Lentijo—Deputy Directors General of the Departments of Nuclear Sciences and Applications, Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Safety and Security, respectively—joined the Seminar during its closing ceremony to directly address participant questions and to clarify the role of their Departments in the implementation of the technical cooperation programme.


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