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Funding the programme

The TC programme is funded by the Technical Cooperation Fund (TCF), extrabudgetary contributions, government cost-sharing (funding where the donor is the recipient) and in-kind contributions.

The TCF is funded by annual voluntary contributions of Member States to their share of the TCF Target (established using UN assessment rates). The TCF Target is set by the IAEA Board of Governors following consultations with Member States. National Participation Costs (equivalent to 5% of the value of each national programme) also flow into the TCF.

The TC Fund is used to implement national, regional and interregional technical cooperation projects proposed by IAEA Member States, and approved by the IAEA Board of Governors.

The management of the technical cooperation programme is funded through Major Programme 6 of the IAEA’s regular budget.

Unfunded elements of the TC programme, where projects or project components have been approved but resources are not sufficient to implement them, are referred to as footnote-a/ projects and components.

TC Programme Resources and Delivery section of the TC Annual Report

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