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Targeting Greenhouse Gas Emissions

How can we fight climate change if we don't know where greenhouse gases are really coming from? A cutting-edge scientific technique is giving governments and industries the data they need. Scientists are using something called stable isotopes to 'fingerprint' each gas present in a sample of air – and trace its source. The International Atomic Energy Agency is working with the World Meteorological Organization to help countries perform these measurements and generate the data needed.

Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge of our time. If the world is to meet the agreed climate goals within the available time frame, we need mature, readily deployable solutions. Nuclear technology and applications contribute to tackling climate change. As the only world forum in the nuclear field, the IAEA will continue to contribute to an informed debate on the benefits of nuclear power and applications in the many international events that will take place, including COP26, where political leaders, industry, scientists and civil society will discuss the way forward.

Learn more about ways nuclear can help tackle climate change.

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