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ReNuAL Construction Progress

2 February 2017
The construction contract for ReNuAL was signed in spring 2016. From April to June, the electrical infrastructure required to support the new laboratory buildings in Seibersdorf and their construction was laid.Work on the new laboratory buildings began in July 2016: Bulldozers were preparing the site at the IAEA’s Nuclear Applications laboratories in Seibersdorf for construction.In September 2016, the foundations of the first new building, the new Insect Pest Control laboratory, were laid.By October 2016, the construction of the Insect Pest Control Laboratory itself was already underway.In November 2016, the walls of the laboratory building went up.The rapid progress being made at the ReNuAL site was becoming visible in the last months of 2016.In December 2016, the first floor of the Insect Pest Control building was begun.Construction workers continue to outfit the first floor as building continues.The enabling works for the Flexible Modular Laboratory commenced in mid-December 2016.In January 2017, the Insect Pest Control building grows taller and the second floor was begun.

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