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Technical Meeting on Maintenance Training — Future Challenges and Opportunities

10 – 13 Apr 2018
Obninsk, Russian Federation
Event code: EVT1701823

Correct performance of maintenance activities on nuclear facilities contributes directly to safe and reliable plant operation. The purpose of maintenance personnel training programmes is to ensure that staff performing surveillance, repair and servicing of facility and equipment is qualified and experienced to carry out the assigned tasks.

Training programmes for maintenance personnel should ensure that all maintenance activities are performed safely and in accordance with the operating organization's procedures and policies. Maintenance personnel errors during the execution of their tasks may result in significant adverse consequences for the facility, its personnel and for the public at large. Therefore, their training and qualifications are of great importance for the safety and reliability of the facility and its operation.

The objectives of the meeting are to:

  • exchange best practices and share ideas and information regarding Member States’ activities associated with maintenance training;
  • explore Member States’ experience in establishing and running maintenance training centers; and
  • share experience of how to contribute to, identify and improve the effectiveness of NPP maintenance training programmes.

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