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Technical Meeting on Efficient Energy and Water Management in Nuclear Power Plants: Strategies, Policies and Innovative Approaches

18 – 20 Jun 2018
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT1701915

This meeting seeks to establish a forum for information exchange on the water–energy nexus as it applies to nuclear power programmes. It will also discuss various strategies, policies and innovative approaches that can be adopted to ensure efficient management of energy and water in nuclear power plants (NPPs). This includes the application of cogeneration i.e. electricity generation and process heat production for non-electric applications. Hence, the meeting will address the technical and economic benefits of nuclear energy and its role as a driver of sustainable development in the energy and water sectors, as well as its contribution to climate change mitigation efforts.

In particular, the technical meeting will:

  • Address the benefits of the water–energy nexus in NPPs, with an emphasis on the role of nuclear desalination and water management in enhancing sustainability in the energy and water sectors;
  • Facilitate the exchange of operating experiences related to various strategies and policies that have been applied to achieve efficient water and energy management in NPPs; 
  • Discuss innovative approaches to be considered for adoption at currently operating and/or future NPPs in order to enable the reuse of waste heat for water production.



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