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Fourth GIF-INPRO/IAEA Interface Meeting

1 – 3 Mar 2010
Vienna, Austria
Event code: I4-CS-49828

Recognizing the complementary nature of their organizations, and the potential for creating synergies in nuclear technology development, the IAEA’s International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO) and the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) have been holding regular coordination meetings. The first three meetings were held in 2003 (Paris, France), and in 2005 and 2008 at the IAEA in Vienna, Austria.

INPRO experts are represented at the GIF Policy Group and GIF Working Groups on Risk and Safety, Proliferation Resistance and Physical Protection, and Evaluation Modelling.

At the 4th GIF/INPRO interface meeting  over 50 representatives from both organizations presented the status and progress of activities and discussed potential areas for expanded cooperation (see Agenda).

The following IAEA Departments participated in the meeting:

A Technical Briefing, open to all interested IAEA staff, was held on 3 March 2010 at theIAEA Lise Meitner Library:


All presentations are available in the IAEA INIS Database.

(reportnumber: INIS-XA--18M4817)


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