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First Research Coordination Meeting on a Probabilistic Safety Analysis Benchmark for Multi-Unit, Multi-Reactor Sites

20 – 22 Mar 2018
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT1703128

This is the first meeting for the IAEA Cooperative Research Project (CRP) on a Probabilistic Safety Analysis Benchmark for Multi-Unit/Multi-Reactor Sites.

The main goal of this CRP is to promote international collaboration among IAEA Member States with water cooled reactor technologies through sharing of expertise and contributing benchmark calculations. These calculations will involve the development of multi-unit/multi-reactor-type probabilistic safety assessments (MUPSA), based on single-unit PSAs available in Member States. The insights gained from the exercise intend to identify technology solutions to reduce risks that are specific to multi-unit sites.

The overall outcome of this CRP will be a well-defined, executed and documented benchmark study identifying issues and lessons learned that can be used by Member States to improve their confidence in risk assessments of multi-unit nuclear power plant sites.

Over 20 organizations from 11 Member States have responded to the Call for Proposals issued in 2017 November. The CRP will be conducted over a period of four years.

Scientific Secretary: Matthias Krause, Nuclear Power Technology Development Section


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