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Technical Meeting on the Implementation and Assessment of Knowledge Management Programmes

21 – 24 Nov 2023
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT2205127


As an increasing number of organizations are strategically implementing knowledge management (KM) programmes, they require a comprehensive strategy and practices anchored in a practical yet holistic KM life cycle model or framework.

The programmatic activities of the IAEA in support of Member States encompass a dedicated subprogramme on nuclear knowledge management, which focuses on:

  • Developing methodologies and guidance documents for planning, designing and implementing nuclear KM programmes;
  • Assisting Member States by providing products and services for maintaining and preserving nuclear knowledge;
  • Promoting the use of state-of-the-art knowledge management technologies and supporting interested Member States in their use;
  • Facilitating nuclear education, networking and experience exchange.

This event is therefore being organized to share the experiences of nuclear organizations on their KM programmes and various strategies used for an integrated approach to KM, competence and human resources development in all phases of the life cycle of nuclear organizations. 

It will include discussions on KM practices across the nuclear facility life cycle and within nuclear regulatory organizations, as well as KM for nuclear science and non-power applications, and nuclear technology research, development and innovation. The event will provide participants with practical solutions for developing and maintaining the knowledge and skills needed to support safe, secure and sustainable nuclear programmes, as well as exchange views on current and future challenges and opportunities. Challenges related to competence development, strategies for methodological or process knowledge and technology-related KM will be discussed.                                                                                                                                      


The objectives of this event are to:

  • Bring together KM experts and practitioners from across the nuclear sector to discuss the establishing, implementation and assessment of KM programmes;
  • Exchange views on major challenges, share KM success and failure stories and collect feedback on best practices and lessons learned;
  • Share methodologies and implementation approaches to identify, prioritize and manage critical knowledge and ensure that the risks of knowledge loss are proactively identified and mitigated;
  • Discuss needs for specialized training and development of practical toolkit/templates to support KM implementation in nuclear organizations;
  • Foster networking and collaboration to enable ongoing collective learning.


Nominations must be submitted by the competent national authority to the IAEA. 



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