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Russia-IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School for Managers in Nuclear Organizations 2019

15 – 19 Apr 2019
Sochi, Russia
Event code: EVT1805551

The second Russia–IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School for Managers in Nuclear Organizations will take place from 15 to 19 April 2019 in Sochi, in conjunction with the ATOMEXPO 2019 International Forum.

The objective of the School is to support middle-level managers and decision-makers in the nuclear sector in enhancing managerial and technical competencies that are essential for establishing or expanding national nuclear energy programmes.

Designated participants from IAEA Member States are invited to attend the School. Technical sessions, panel discussions and case studies will be organized during which participants are expected to actively contribute by sharing information on their experience and national practices.

Applicants should have an appropriate background with an adequate understanding of nuclear fundamentals and managerial experience of working either in the government or the nuclear sector.

Background materials will be provided to all participants prior to the School through the IAEA’s learning platform, CLP4NET (‘Cyber Learning Platform for Nuclear Education and Training’).

The NEM School will cover a broad range of subjects. Examples are presentations, panel discussion and case studies on the following potential topical areas:

International Cooperation; IAEA Support

  • History and Role of the IAEA in Nuclear Power
  • Activities and services of the IAEA, including the services of the Nuclear Knowledge Management Section

Leadership and Management in a Nuclear Enterprise

  • Management Systems & Quality Assurance
  • Strategic Leadership and Management for Safety and Safety Culture
  • Communication Strategies for Leaders in Nuclear Power Projects

An Integrated Approach to People Management

  • Workforce Planning & the Workforce lifecycle
  • Education, Training: Competency Building and Knowledge Management across the nuclear lifecycle
  • Nuclear Knowledge Management Challenges

Energy planning, production, distribution and markets

  • World Energy Balance, Nuclear Power Economics
  • Nuclear Power Within a National Energy Mix
  • Climate Change and nuclear power
  • National nuclear technology policy, planning and politics
  • Financing Nuclear Projects; Financial management and cost control      

Legal Aspects; Nuclear Law

  • Introduction to Nuclear Law
  • Developing National Nuclear Legislation

Nuclear safety

  • Main Principles of Nuclear Installation Safety
  • Emergency Planning, Preparedness and Response
  • Radiological safety and protection
  • Safety culture
  • Technical Service Review

Nuclear Security

  • Nuclear Security Fundamentals
  • Establishing the Nuclear Security Infrastructure for a Nuclear Power Programme
  • Computer and Cyber Security

Nuclear safeguards

  • International Regime of Non-Proliferation
  • IAEA Safeguards: legal aspects
  • The IAEA Methods and Tools for Safeguards Implementation

Stakeholders Involvement and Communication

  • Main Principles of Stakeholder Involvement for Nuclear Power
  • Effective communication regarding nuclear power

The perspectives of the participating countries will also be shared though presentations in which the participants will discuss the nuclear energy management programmes in their home countries.

Nominations from invited Member States are accepted until 18 January 2019. Qualified individuals may wish to contact the nominating authorities of their countries for further information.

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