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Annual Meeting of the Nuclear Energy Management School Coordinators and Organizers

16 – 18 Dec 2019
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT1805550

The growth of nuclear energy programmes and applications requires a continually expanding need for highly competent professionals with appropriate technical leadership and managerial skills. The IAEA facilitates sustainable education in nuclear science and technology through different mechanisms, among which is the concept of Nuclear Energy Management (NEM) Schools. The aim of the NEM Schools is to provide the participants with a foundation in nuclear knowledge to help them successfully manage and lead a nuclear energy programme.

The objectives of the NEM Schools are to raise participants’ awareness about recent developments in nuclear energy, to broaden participants’ understanding of key issues and challenges associated with nuclear energy and to introduce participants to the leadership and managerial competencies needed to successfully run a nuclear power programme. NEM Schools also provide a unique opportunity for worldwide networking among future professionals in the nuclear field.

At the Schools, expert lectures focus on the fundamentals of nuclear energy, nuclear power technologies, nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear safety, nuclear security and nuclear safeguards. They also cover climate change issues, the economics of nuclear energy, nuclear law, an integrated approach to human resources management and nuclear knowledge management, safety culture, and stakeholders’ involvement.

This is the third Annual Meeting of the NEM School Coordinators and Organizers, where coordinators and organizers of such Schools meet at the end of the year to discuss the activities of the past year, share and address the lessons learned, and discuss the NEM School plan for the coming year.


The objectives of the event are to share experiences and lessons learned from the NEM Schools that took place in 2019; to present the NEM School programme upgrade project and discuss its status and the way forward; and to discuss the NEM Schools that will take place in 2020.

Expected Outputs

The outputs of the event will be used to prepare a report summarizing the participants’ feedback and observations on the 2019 NEM Schools and on the NEM School programme upgrade project, with recommendations for further enhancing the NEM Schools programme.


All persons wishing to participate in the event have to be designated by an IAEA Member State or should be members of organizations that have been invited to attend. Selected participants will be informed in due course on the procedures to be followed with regard to administrative and financial matters.


The event will be held at the Vienna International Centre (VIC), where the IAEA’s Headquarters are located.


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