Technical Meeting on Human Resource Development Analysis and the Use of the NPHR Modelling Tool for New Nuclear Power Programmes

12 – 15 Feb 2019
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT1804023

As Member States consider nuclear power, they request guidance from the IAEA on how to develop human resources and the workforce necessary to successfully launch and sustain a nuclear power programme. The IAEA has provided Member States with the Nuclear Power Human Resource (NPHR) Modelling Tool, along with training on how to adopt, modify, and use the tool to analyse their workforce.

This Technical Meeting will provide a forum for Member States to share their experiences in using the model. The main objectives of this meeting are for Member States to:

  • gather lessons learned from other Member States;
  • communicate to the IAEA areas for improvement for the NPHR model and NPHR training; and
  • identify additional support required from the IAEA.

In meeting these objectives, the IAEA will gain input on the successes and challenges Member States have experienced in adopting the NPHR model, collect ideas on methods to improve model, and discover ways to improve support for Member States using the NPHR model. Findings from this meeting, and the experiences of Member States in analysing their workforce using the NPHR tool, will be documented in an IAEA publication on Experience Related to Human Resource Development Analysis and Use of the NPHR Modelling Tool: Country Case Studies.


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