Technical Meeting on Structural Materials for Heavy Liquid Metal Cooled Fast Reactors

15 – 17 Oct 2019
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT1803538

The compatibility of structural materials, such as steels with lead and lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE), poses a critical challenge in the development of heavy liquid metal (HLM) cooled fast reactors. Factors such as very high temperature, high fast neutron flux, high irradiation exposure and corrosiveness provide a severe environment for materials in these advanced reactor systems. The compatibility of liquid coolant with structural materials is critical for the development of innovative nuclear energy systems. Their safety, feasibility and optimization depend on the capability of the selected materials to withstand the expected operating conditions.

The purpose of the event is to discuss experiences and the latest innovations and technological challenges related to structural materials proposed for innovative reactors cooled by lead and lead-bismuth eutectic.

The event will consist of five sessions addressing the following topics:

  1. HLM compatibility with structural materials: phenomena, modelling and operational experience;
  2. Corrosion mitigation measures: coating and surface engineering, and environmental conditioning, etc.;
  3. Development of structural materials resistant to HLM corrosion;
  4. HLM structural Materials and Coatings under Irradiation: Testing and characterization, and impact of neutron-induced radiation damage, etc.; and
  5. Qualification Programmes of Structural Materials for HLM Fast Reactors.

The IAEA encourages participants to give presentations on the work of their respective institutions that falls under the topics listed above. Participants should submit an abstract by 31 May 2019 (final deadline!); it will be reviewed as part of the selection process for presentation.

No more contributions will be accepted after the final deadline.

More details are included in the Information Sheet.


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