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Technical Meeting on Quality Assurance and Quality Control Activities as Part of a Nuclear Power Plant Management System: Lessons Learned and Good Practices

12 – 15 Nov 2018
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT1702857

The technical  meeting will  provide an international forum for specialists to exchange experiences related to the challenges in implementing requirements regarding quality management, quality assurance and quality control activities at nuclear facilities, including oversight of the supply chain (manufactured products and services). The participants will also discuss how to integrate such requirements with the different standards that may apply in their respective organizations, consider practical solutions to overcome those challenges throughout the life cycle of a facility, and advise the IAEA on the need for further work in this area.

It is also planned that a new IAEA Technical Document (TECDOC) in the area of quality assurance and control will be presented to the participants of this meeting for review.

The meeting is intended for representatives of Member States with an operating nuclear power plant or other operating nuclear facility, and of Member States that are either building a nuclear power plant or are in an advanced planning phase for construction of a plant, as well as for individuals from international organizations involved in the development and/or promotion of quality, management and supply chain management related documents and activities.

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