Nuclear Power and the Clean Energy Transition

Building a clean energy future

More Than Just a Power Source

Hydrogen production using nuclear energy for a low carbon future

Smart, Stable, Reliable

Smart grids and nuclear power in low carbon energy systems

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Investing in the Clean Energy Transition

Financing and economic support for nuclear power

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Safety and licensing of small modular reactors

IAEA News Story

A technology-neutral approach

Evolving for the Future

Safeguards and Nuclear Power

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The focus of this year’s IAEA Scientific Forum is Nuclear Power and the Clean Energy Transition. Leading scientists and experts from around the world will meet over two days to examine how nuclear power’s science-based solutions can play a pivotal role in paving the way for a sustainable future. This edition of the IAEA Bulletin will provide a closer look at the clean energy transition and how nuclear power fits in.

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