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Amendments to the Statute of the IAEA

Documents Related to the Amendments to the Statute

The current text of the IAEA Statute has been amended three times by application of the procedure laid down in paragraphs A and C of Article XVIII. All of these amendments are related to Article VI of the IAEA Statute and have already entered into force.

On 1 October 1999, the IAEA General Conference, at its 43rd regular session, approved two further amendments to the Statute relating to Article VI and to Article XIV.A, respectively.

  • The amendment to Article VI of the Statute intends to modify the composition of the IAEA Board of Governors.

  • The amendment to Article XIV.A of the Statute intends to replace the current system of annual budgeting for the expenses of the Agency with a system of biennial budgeting.

These amendments have not yet entered into force but pursuant to Paragraph C of Article XVIII, each amendment will come into force for all members of the IAEA when it has been accepted by two-thirds of all the members in accordance with their respective constitutional processes.

Amendment to Article VI of the Statute (not yet in force):

Amendment to Article XIV.A of the Statute (not yet in force):

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