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Employees & Staff: Strength Through Diversity

The IAEA Secretariat — the international body of staff tasked with running the Agency — is made up of a team of some 2560 multidisciplinary professional and support staff from more than 100 countries. They come from scientific, technical, managerial and professional disciplines.

Most of these men and women work at Agency headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Others work at IAEA regional offices in Toronto and Tokyo; liaison offices in New York and Geneva; and research laboratories in Seibersdorf, Austria and Monaco. The organizational framework of the IAEA comprises six major departments: Management, Nuclear Sciences and Applications, Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Safety and Security, Technical Cooperation and Safeguards.

The work of staff in these departments is as diverse as the landscape of peaceful nuclear technologies. Safeguards inspectors and analysts check and verify the whereabouts of sensitive nuclear material. Technical officers run projects that help countries bring fresh water to cities and richer harvests to farmers' fields. Others help scientists to better understand and protect the environment, and some also help medical doctors to prevent and treat diseases. Nuclear experts, radiation specialists and engineers assist countries with meeting safety standards at nuclear plants, or to more safely manage and transport radioactive material.

There are also IAEA staff who work behind the scenes in a range of positions, such as computer specialists, book editors and publishers, translators and interpreters, communication professionals, accountants, financial experts and conference organizers. They work to keep systems running, constituencies informed and channels open for the valuable exchanges of information influencing the world's nuclear development.

The contributions of IAEA staff are multiple and varied. They underpin the Agency's important "atoms for peace" mission and, in turn, support efforts for international peace and development.

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