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IAEA Nuclear Security Training and Demonstration Centre

The IAEA Nuclear Security Training and Demonstration Centre (NSTDC) helps strengthen countries’ abilities to tackle nuclear terrorism. The establishment of the NSTDC supports States in addressing unique challenges and implementing complex projects in nuclear security that require specialized technical infrastructure, through training, research and development.

Over time, a variety of international trends and needs have led to the growth, development, and strengthening of the IAEA capacity building activities in the area of nuclear security. The IAEA has analysed the needs of countries and capabilities of Nuclear Security Support Centres (NSSCs) in different regions and completed the feasibility determination process for establishing a Nuclear Security Training and Demonstration Centre (NSTDC), in order to provide optimal support to countries in certain areas through the use of state-of-the-art technical infrastructure and equipment.

The NSTDC is located in the new Multi-Purpose Building (MPB) at the IAEA’s Seibersdorf laboratories, 30 km south of Vienna, and is scheduled to be operational in October 2023.

This specialized training facility complements and fills gaps in capabilities that do not commonly exist among institutions in countries, including NSSCs, and focuses on new capabilities, further enhancing the capacity building programme in nuclear security with advanced technology and expertise to respond to countries’ requests.

The NSTDC is equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment that will provide for advanced training of an average 1000 participants per year in the following areas:

Additionally, hands-on training will be conducted on demonstration systems and in virtual reality environments, emulating security systems used at nuclear power plants, research reactors and border crossings.

It is planned that the training facilities of the NSTDC may also serve as a business continuity location for the IAEA’s Incident and Emergency Centre, if required. As the MPB will serve the entire Agency’s Seibersdorf Laboratories, it houses a new cafeteria for staff and visitors, as well as a visitors’ Welcome Centre.

The NSTDC and the MPB is funded by donor support pledges. In addition, countries have been invited to donate equipment to the NSTDC (in kind contribution). Resource mobilization efforts are still underway to raise the funding required.

The NSTDC establishment and operation is supported by the Friends of the NSTDC which is a forum established in the end of 2021 to coordinate planned areas of support, mobilize resources and increase the awareness about NSTDC. 

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