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Member State Points of Contact for the recruitment of women

All Member States are requested to designate a ‘Point of Contact’ to actively support the Agency´s efforts in recruiting women in the professional and higher categories.

The role of the Points of Contact is to identify institutions from where suitably qualified female candidates could be attracted, such as nuclear societies, universities or nuclear regulatory authorities. The names of institutions with a relevant contact person and e-mail address should be submitted to the Secretariat by email.

The Points of Contact also have the task to spread the word to institutions and individual candidates about employment opportunities at the IAEA, promote the Junior Professional Officer programme by re-energizing or exploring the possibilities of establishing such a programme in the Member State, expand fellowships by working with the IAEA’s Department of Technical Cooperation and relevant Member State institutions, and set up recruitment missions funded by the Member State that explain the work and mission of the IAEA and advertise its employment opportunities.

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