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Convention on Nuclear Safety

The Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS) aims to commit Contracting Parties operating land-based civil nuclear power plants to maintain a high level of safety by establishing fundamental safety principles to which States would subscribe.

The Convention is based on the Parties’ common interest to achieve higher levels of safety that will be developed and promoted through regular meetings. It obliges Parties to submit reports on the implementation of their obligations for “peer review” at meetings that are normally held at IAEA Headquarters. This mechanism is the main innovative and dynamic element of the Convention.

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Latest status | Declarations/Reservations

Date of adoption: 17 June 1994
Place of adoption: Vienna, Austria
Date of entry into force: 24 October 1996
Depositary: Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Vienna Declaration on Nuclear Safety

On principles for the implementation of the objective of the Convention on Nuclear Safety to prevent accidents and mitigate radiological consequences...

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