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The Nuclear Security Detection Architecture

Date and time

Thursday, 22 October 2020
14:00 - 16:00 Vienna Time (UTC + 2:00)

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Nuclear security seeks to prevent, detect and respond to criminal and intentional unauthorized acts involving or directed at nuclear and other radioactive material, associated facilities and associated activities. This webinar is about detection of a nuclear security event involving nuclear or other radioactive material out of regulatory control (MORC).

The Nuclear Security Detection Architecture (NSDA) of a State is the integrated set of nuclear security systems and measures, based on an appropriate legal and regulatory framework, needed to implement a national strategy for the detection of MORC.

Nuclear Security events can be detected either by information alerts, or by instrument alarms.

Target Audience

The webinar is open to professionals from relevant authorities with responsibilities in nuclear security, such as regulatory authority, national security organization, law enforcement agencies (e.g. Customs, Border Control Authority, Police), national policy makers, legislative bodies, and other relevant competent authorities responsible for putting in place and implementing the detection and response measures within their areas of authority related to the nuclear security regime.

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