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Webinar on Investigative Perspectives of Nuclear Forensics in Responding to a Nuclear Security Event

Date and time

Wednesday, 5 May 2021
15:30, Vienna (Austria) Time

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Nuclear and other radioactive material is prevalent throughout the nuclear fuel cycle, and is also widely used in other industries and in research, and other technical and scientific applications. It is a State’s responsibility to implement a nuclear security infrastructure to protect these materials, including measures designed to identify, prevent, detect and respond to nuclear security events. When nuclear and other radioactive material is detected out of regulatory control, States should be prepared to respond appropriately, including applying nuclear forensics in support of investigations. 

This webinar will include a narrated interactive session where participants will observe an evolving nuclear security event, in which law enforcement responds to a report that radioactive material may have been smuggled into a residential area of the fictitious city of Rudas Cove. As the scenario develops, participants can actively engage in the narrated investigation through anonymous virtual participation tools, in order to learn about how elements of radiological crime scene management and nuclear forensics can assist law enforcement investigations by revealing potential links among the people, places, events and materials in question. 

The narrated interactive session will be followed by a panel discussion on key aspects of the scenario, including a question and answer session. The panel will include law enforcement, prosecution and nuclear forensic science experts.


The objectives of the webinar are to: 

  • Introduce participants to the conduct of operations for radiological crime scene management and nuclear forensics in responding to a nuclear security event involving nuclear or radioactive material found out of regulatory control; 
  • Discuss the requirements for an investigation of a nuclear security event from the perspectives of law enforcement, nuclear forensics science and prosecution; 
  • Enhance participants’ awareness and understanding of the role of radiological crime scene management and nuclear forensics in a national nuclear security infrastructure; 
  • Promote the importance and complexity of interagency cooperation in response to a nuclear security event. 

Target Audience

This webinar is aimed at organizations involved in the national nuclear security regime; officials and professionals involved in national policy, strategic planning and/or decision making; those tasked with raising awareness of nuclear forensics and/or radiological crime scene management; and those responsible for organizing and sustaining capabilities for nuclear forensics analysis and interpretation in the context of a nuclear security infrastructure.


Opening Remarks: 

Ms Elena Buglova, IAEA 


Ms Eva Kovacs-Szeles, IAEA 

Narrated Interactive Session on the Conduct of Operations of Nuclear Forensics: 

Dr Frank Wong, Senior Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, United States of America 

Panel Discussion with Q&A: 

Mr John Buchanan, Head of Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism Prevention Unit, INTERPOL 

Ms Elena Dinu, Head of Department for Combating Terrorism and National Security Crimes, Romanian Prosecutor’s Office, Romania 

Dr Ruth Kips, Deputy Associate Program Leader for International Nuclear Forensics and Deputy Group Leader for the Chemical and Isotopic Signatures Group, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, United States of America

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