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VVER1000 Simulator

The VVER1000 simulator was originally developed by Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute for personnel training. It is executed on a personal computer in real time and provides a dynamic response with sufficient fidelity. This version of a simulator is highly suitable for educational and information purposes.

The VVER simulator operational specifics are listed as follows:

  • The VVER1000 is a four loop system housed in a containment type structure with a spray steam suppression system developed in the former Soviet Union, and now the Russian Federation, by OKB Gidropress.
  • There are a number of PWR plants in the world that belong to this design, such as Balakovo in the Russian Federation, Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine, and Kozloduy in Bulgaria.
  • The present configuration of the simulator is able to respond to operating conditions normally encountered in VVER1000 power plants. The interaction between the user and the simulator is organized through a set of display screens and the use of a mouse. The simulator partially mimics the actual control panel instrumentation as well as provides additional aspects for analysis. Control panel devices (buttons, switches, keys) are represented as simplified pictures and are operated via individual panels in response to the user inputs.
  • There are no possibilities to simulate severe accident conditions.

Normal Operation

  • Power Reduction/Increase
  • Normal Reactor Trip

Malfunction Transient Events

  • Reactor Coolant Pump Wheel Jam
  • Main steam isolation valve closure
  • Reactor Coolant Pump-2 Trip
  • Feedwater Pump Trip
  • Closure of Turbine Governor Valve
  • Reactor SCRAM and Return to Full Power


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