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Micro-Physics Nuclear Reactor Simulator

The Micro–Physics Nuclear Reactor Simulator was developed by Nuclear Engineering, Ltd. (NEL), in Japan, in 2014, as a platform for analysis and visualization of behaviour of the nuclear reactor core from the viewpoint of reactor physics, fuel performance and thermal–hydraulics. The simulator is mainly used as an educational tool.

The Micro–Physics simulator operational specifics are listed as follows:

  • The simulator provides visualizations of calculations performed with the neutronics code, RAMBO–T, developed by NEL that is built in the simulator. The RAMBO–T solves two group neutron diffusion equation in 3D for analysis of a generic two loop type PWR core in stationary and transient conditions.
  • Visualization of depletion calculations of the core and transient calculations are available
  • The transient conditions that can be simulated include:
    • Abnormal Control Rods Withdraw at Hot Zero Power
    • Control Rods Withdrawal at Hot Full Power
    • Loss of Flow Accident (LOFA)
    • Main Steam Line Break (MSLB)
  • The well designed Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows for ease use of the simulator
  • Severe accidents modeling is not available in this simulator


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