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Integral Pressurized Water Reactor Simulator (SMR)

There is continuing global interest in the development of Small Modular Reactors (SMR). One type of SMR currently under the development in a number of countries is the integral Pressurized Water Reactor (iPWR). In this design, primary circuit components are placed within the reactor pressure vessel, eliminating the need for primary circuit pipework, with the intention of enhancing safety and reliability. This simulator is developed by Tecnatom in 2017.

Details on the currently available SMR designs can be found in the IAEA ARIS Database.

The iPWR simulator operational specifics are listed as follows:

  • The simulator is designed to examine the primary and balance of plant (BOP) behaviors of the iPWR
  • In order to simulate the operation under accident conditions, a variety of safety systems are implemented including Gravity Driven Water Injection System, Pressure Injection System, Passive Decay Heat Removal system (PDHR), and Protection and Control System.
  • Severe accidents include a station blackout (SBO): the users can initiate the SBO accident by loading SBO malfunction. It will automatically trip both the reactor and the reactor turbine, and subsequently, actuate Passive Decay Heat Removal System (PDHR). The reactor behavior can be observed during SBO until the reactor becomes stable.

Normal Operation

  • Power Reduction/Increase
  • Normal Reactor Trip

Malfunction Transient Events

  • Loss of Feedwater Flow
  • Turbine Runback
  • Large Steam Generator Tube Rupture (SGTR)
  • Large Main Steam Line Break (MSLB)
  • Steam Line Isolation
  • Reactor Pressure Vessel Safety Valve Opening
  • Reactor Coolant Pumps Trip
  • Loss of Condenser Vacuum
  • Condenser Coolant Pumps Trip
  • Inadvertent Initiation of Decay Heat Removal System
  • Reduction in Feedwater Temperature (Loss of FW Heating)
  • Abnormal Increase in FW Flow
  • Steam Header Break
  • Major Steam System Piping Failure within Containment
  • Reactor Setback Fail
  • One Bank of Shutdown Control Rods Drop into the Core
  • Charging (Feed) Valve Fails Open
  • Inadvertent Operation of Pressurizer Heaters
  • Uncontrolled Control Rod Assembly Withdrawal
  • Fail of Pressurizer Control System
  • Failure of Main Coolant Pumps
  • Reactor Stepback Fail
  • Seismic Event

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