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Advanced PWR Simulator

The advanced PWR simulator is developed by the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI). It covers transient and accidents, using the best estimate nuclear system analysis code as its engine to retain the accuracy.

The advanced PWR simulator operational specifics are listed as follows:

  • The simulator is designed to provide an in–depth understanding of transient thermal–hydraulic behavior of nuclear power plants with various on–line graphical displays, especially during the accidents in addressing complicated two–phase flow conditions in the reactor coolant system.
  • The simulator is based on the OPR–1000 two loop 1000 MWe PWR nuclear reactor, developed by KHNP and KEPCO. All OPR–1000 plants currently in operation are in the Republic of Korea: Hanbit unit 5/6, Hanul unit 5/6, Shin-Kori unit 1/2, and Shin-Wolsong unit 1/2
  • The simulator can be executed on a personal computer (PC), and it although operates essentially in close to real time with dynamic response and high fidelity during normal operations and accidents, some transient conditions cannot be observed in real time.
  • The simulator can easily be adapted for other plants in lieu of the OPR–1000.

The advanced PWR simulator can address (to a certain extent) the behavior of the plan under severe accidents, as follows:

  • Station Blackout (SBO): the users can initiate SBO accidents by manually turning off all the components which require AC power. Even though there are a lot of engineering safety features, most of them require an electrical power source, except for the turbine driven auxiliary feed water system and the relief valves of a safety related class. In a real SBO case, a RCP seal leak has to be considered. However, it is neglected in this accident simulation.

Normal Operation

  • Power Reduction/Increase;
  • Normal Reactor Trip

Malfunction Transient Events

  • Turbine Trip
  • Loss of Main Feedwater Flow
  • Single RCP Trip
  • Steam Generator Tube Rupture
  • Cold Leg #1 Small/Large Break Loss of Coolant Accident (SBLOCA, LBLOCA)


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