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Advanced Passive PWR Simulator

The purpose of the 600 MWe advanced PWR reactor simulator is educational with the goal to provide a training tool for university professors and engineers involved in teaching topics related to the advanced passive PWR reactor design. It was developed by CTI Simulation International Corporation in 2002.

The advanced passive PWR simulator operational specifics are listed as follows:

  • Passive Residual Heat Removal System
  • Two Core Make-up Tanks (CMTs)
  • Four Stage Automatic Depressurization System (ADS)
  • Two Accumulator Tanks (ACC)
  • In-containment Refuelling Water Storage Tank (IRWST)
  • Lower Containment Sump (CS)
  • Passive Containment Cooling System (PCS)
  • Parameter monitoring and plant operator controls, implemented via the plant display system at the generating station, are represented in a virtually identical manner in the simulator. Control panel instruments and control devices, such as push–buttons and hand–switches, are shown as stylized pictures, and are operated via special pop–up menus and dialog boxes in response to user inputs
  • More information about AP600 is available in the IAEA ARIS Database
  • There is no possibility to model severe accidents

Normal Operation

  • Power Reduction/Increase
  • Normal Reactor Trip

Malfunction Transient Events

  • Reactor Setback and Stepback Fail
  • One Bank of Dark Control Rods Drop into the Reactor Core
  • Pressurizer Pressure Relief Valve Fails Open
  • Charging/Letdown Valve Fails Open
  • Pressurizer Heaters Turned on by Malfunction
  • Reactor Header Break
  • All Level Control Isolation Valves Fail Closed
  • One Level Control Valve Fails Open/Closed
  • Main Feedwater Pump Trips
  • All Main Steam Safety Relief Valves Open
  • Steam Header Break
  • Steam Flow Transmitter Failure
  • Turbine Spurious Trip /Runback
  • Condenser Steam Discharge Valves Failed Closed
  • Reactor Inlet Header Break


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