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Fuel Performance and Technology (TWG-FPT)


The Technical Working Group on Fuel Performance and Technology (TWGFPT) is comprised of a group of experts that provide advice and support IAEA programme implementation in nuclear power reactor fuel engineering. Since its foundation in 1976, it serves as a main tool of advice and recommendations for the planning and implementation of Fuel Engineering activities


The TWG-FPT focuses its work on status and trends in nuclear power reactor fuel performance and technology. It will cover nuclear core materials research and development, fuel design, manufacturing and utilization, coolant chemistry, fuel performance analysis and quality assurance issues. It will give due recognition to all relevant aspects including safety, economy, management systems, nuclear science and NPP operations.


The functions of the TWG-FPT are:

  • To provide advice and guidance, and to marshal support in their countries for implementation of the Agency's programmatic activities in the areas covered by the above scope statement.
  • To provide a forum for information and knowledge sharing on national and international programmes development in the areas covered by the above scope statement.
  • To act as a link between the Agency's activities in the specific area and national scientific communities, delivering information from and to national communities.
  • To provide advice on preparatory actions in Member States and the Agency's activities in planning and implementing coordinated research programmes, collaborative assessments and other activities as well as the review of the results in the areas covered by the above scope statement.
  • To develop and/or review selected documents from the Nuclear Energy Series, assess existing gaps and advise on preparation of new ones, in the scope of their field of activity.
  • To identify important topics for discussion at SAGNE and contribute to status reports, technical meetings and topical conferences in the fields covered by the above scope statement.
  • To encourage participation of young professionals, as appropriate, in Agency activities.


Members of the TWGFPT shall be appointed by the Deputy Director General for Nuclear Energy following consultation with the respective national authorities or organizations.

Members of the TWGFPT:

  • Shall be recognized experts in nuclear power reactor fuel engineering having extensive links with national technical communities
  • Are to serve for a standard length of four years
  • Shall participate in the Group in their personal capacity and shall provide as appropriate views on national policies and strategies in the technical field
  • May as appropriate bring experts to provide additional information and share experience in the meetings of the TWG

The total membership of the TWGFPT shall not exceed 25 members.


4 years, 2020-2023

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