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Environmental Modelling for Radiation Safety (EMRAS)

Environmental modelling simulates radionuclide transfer in the environment and assesses exposure levels. The IAEA supports the use of such modelling to protect the public and the environment and to ensure the sustainable use of resources.

The Environmental Modelling for Radiation Safety (EMRAS) project gathered data for model testing and comparison. It also supported the development of international consensus in radioecological modelling approaches and parameter values.

The first part of the EMRAS project, conducted from 2003 to 2007, followed previous international radioecological modelling programmes and focused on areas in which predictive capability of environmental models remained uncertain, such as radioactive release assessments, remediation of sites with radioactive residues and protection of the environment.

The second part of the EMRAS project, conducted from 2009 to 2011, focused on environmental radiation dose assessment. It improved environmental transfer models for reducing uncertainties and developed new approaches to strengthen the evaluation of the radiological impact on humans and flora and fauna.

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