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Nuclear Mythbusting (N4C)

30 November –12 December 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

8 December 2023

Time: 14:30-15:30 (GMT +4) | Location: Atoms4Climate Pavilion

Nuclear for Climate proposes an event titled “Nuclear Mythbusting” which will consist of experts debunking common nuclear energy myths, such as safety concerns and waste issues, with data-driven insights. The event will explore applications for climate adaptation such as nuclear-powered desalination. It will showcase safety and innovation within the nuclear energy sector and is aimed at reshaping audience perception of nuclear energy's potential in addressing climate change.


  • Charlyne Smith, Nuclear Engineer and Senior Nuclear Energy Analyst, The Breakthrough Institute

  • Kristine Madden, President, International Youth Nuclear Congress 

  • Meera Alblooshi, Senior Programs Engineer, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation


Tim Gregory, Nuclear Chemist, UK National Nuclear Lab

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