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Strengthening measures

The strengthening measures under the Additional Protocol include:

  1. State provision of information about, and IAEA access to, all parts of a State’s nuclear fuel cycle, from uranium mines to nuclear waste and other locations where nuclear material intended for non-nuclear uses is present;
  2. State provision of information on, and IAEA short-notice access to, all buildings on a site;
  3. State provision of information about, and IAEA access to, a State’s nuclear fuel cycle research and development activities not involving nuclear material;
  4. State provision of information on the manufacture and export of sensitive nuclear-related equipment and material and IAEA access to manufacturing and import locations in the State;
  5. IAEA collection of environmental samples beyond declared locations, when deemed necessary by the Agency; and
  6. A simplified procedure for designation of IAEA inspectors, the issuance of multiple entry/exit visas and IAEA use of internationally established systems of communications.

Under an Additional Protocol, the IAEA may carry out complementary access to assure the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities; to resolve a question or an inconsistency relating to correctness and completeness of the information provided by the State; and to confirm the decommissioned status of a facility or location outside facilities, such as in hospitals, where nuclear material was customarily used.

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