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WNU School on Radiation Technologies

The WNU School on Radiation Technologies (RT School) is a leadership development programme aimed at young professionals involved in the radiation field.

Selected applicants will develop a broad overview of the field of radioisotopes and radiation technologies, as well as the trends and main issues encountered by practitioners in this area. Furthermore, the participants will have the opportunity to develop their skills in leadership, project management, and communication. The programme provides participants with the opportunity to develop a worldwide network of contacts of radiation specialists.

The training course curriculum covers a wide spectrum of topics relevant to radiation technologies, including:

  • Operations, research, development, and regulatory frameworks, including the production of radioisotopes, quality assurance and control, safety and security, transport and waste management and supply chain
  • Current and future applications, including nuclear techniques in healthcare, industrial process management, food and agriculture, environmental protection, and life sciences.

The RT School’s intensive two-week programme features:

  • Lectures by prominent experts in radioisotopes and radiation technologies
  • Presentations by distinguished speakers
  • Small group work led by mentors, where participants analyse case studies and develop proposals for resolving RT-related issues
  • Technical visits to RT-related sites including medical facilities.

The WNU is a global network with four founding supporters - IAEA, OECD/NEA, WANO, and WNA - and the world’s leading institutions of nuclear learning.

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