Lise Meitner Programme

Career development for more women in nuclear

The IAEA Lise Meitner Programme (LMP) provides early- and mid‑career women professionals with opportunities to participate in a multiweek visiting professional programme and advance their technical and soft skills.

Named after Austrian-Swedish physicist Lise Meitner, the visiting professional programme aims to boost women career development in the nuclear sector, in particular in the nuclear energy field. The programme includes professional visits to various nuclear facilities, such as but not limited to, nuclear power plants under construction, in operation or in decommissioning, research reactors and centres, scientific institutions, laboratories, industry sector and start-up companies. The programme content matches visiting professionals’ profiles and interests. In addition, they have an opportunity to expand on individual professional relationships with a wide range of leaders and experts in the field.

The LMP includes onsite lectures and discussions with interactive training, which may include project development and implementation, laboratory analysis, testing and measurements, as well as modelling and simulations using advanced computer codes or software simulators. Technical assignments and discussions on topics beneficial and relevant to the host organisations, and LMP visiting professionals and their employers are also part of the programme. Finally, the programme envisages enhancing visiting professionals’ soft skills through management and leadership training, mentoring, networking and coaching, and competency management.

The professional visits may focus in various areas and typically lasts between two to four weeks -and possibly longer in some host countries-, gathering 10 to 15 visiting professionals per cohort. The visiting professionals are not expected to bear any financial cost for participation in the programme.

The programme is funded by extra-budgetary and in-kind contributions from IAEA Member States and other donors.

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