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Resource Mobilization

PACT is tasked with mobilizing additional resources to support the implementation of cancer-related activities within the Agency mandate, or for closely related activities that will enable the Agency to deliver such support.

a.  Direct Resource Mobilization

Many of the Agency’s cancer-related activities are not funded or require additional funding, particularly those planned under technical cooperation projects. PACT mobilizes funds to support these activities from:

  • IAEA Member States
  • Development banks and financial institutions
  • The private sector
  • International non-governmental organizations
  • Charitable foundations.

b.  Indirect Resource Mobilization

PACT provides assistance to Member States that are putting together project proposals or bankable documents. Member States then take the lead in approaching donors. In addition, the Agency organizes and facilitates meetings between Member States, development banks and financial institutions, in order to explore the possibilities of obtaining funds in the form of grants or concessional loans. Such funds may be used to build necessary infrastructure, including buildings or bunkers to house radiation equipment.  They may be also used to procure expensive equipment such as linear accelerators (LINACS) and other critical medical and laboratory devices.


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