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Webinar on Overview of Operation and Maintenance of Handheld Detection Equipment


Date and Time

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

15:00 Vienna (Austria) time

Duration: 1 hour

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The IAEA Nuclear Security Series (NSS) Implementing Guide No. 21 Nuclear Security Systems and Measures for the Detection of Nuclear and Other Radioactive Material out of Regulatory Control highlights the use of handheld detection equipment as one way to detect criminal or unauthorized acts related to nuclear and other radioactive material out of regulatory control (MORC).

In general, detection equipment is classified into passive and active detection technologies, both of which are commonly used worldwide. Passive detection equipment directly measures normal emissions of radiation from nuclear or other radioactive material, while active detection equipment works indirectly by detecting something else that may indicate the presence of nuclear or other radioactive material.

Passive detection instruments are generally less expensive, present no additional hazard to personnel and are available in several types, including handheld detection equipment, to meet a wide array of operational needs such as personal radiation detectors (PRD), continuously monitor for the presence of radiation and signal elevated levels of gamma or neutron emissions to an operator. Meanwhile radionuclide identification devices (RID) helps operator to identify the type of radionuclide that activates the alarm. Due to this comparatively low costs and distinct capability, passive handheld detection instruments are common tools for the detection of MORC.

This webinar focuses on the operation of common handheld detection equipment and the maintenance required for its sustainability.


The purpose of this webinar is to:

• Raise awareness of the type of handheld detection equipment that may be used in the detection of MORC.
• Provide details on the operation of handheld detection equipment.
• Give an overview of maintenance requirements for the sustainability of handheld detection equipment.

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