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Webinar on Operating Experience from Construction to Commissioning for Nuclear Safety


Date and time

Wednesday, 19 July 2023
14:00-15:30 Vienna, Austria

Recording →



As countries embark on nuclear power plant (NPP) construction projects, new sources of operating experience and lessons learned are emerging as resources for future projects. This webinar will provide insights from Lessons learned from the Construction and Commissioning phases from NPP projects including Olkiluoto 3, Vogtle 3 &4, and recent construction in China. Invited representatives will be sharing examples on this topical area and discussing why operating experience is valuable in the construction and commissioning of a nuclear power plant with interested stakeholders.



This webinar will illustrate how operating experience from construction to commissioning for nuclear safety is a key area of importance for the IAEA and its Member States. Participants will be provided with specific details on this area and related issues.




  • “Follow up of safety culture during from construction to operation/case Olkiluoto 3”: Petri Koistinen from Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO Oy) and “STUK’s views on operating experience from construction phase of Olkiluoto 3”: Tomi Ruotamo from Säteilyturvakeskus (STUK) in Finland.

  • “Discussion on Nuclear construction in China”: Hua Jianfu of China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) in China

  •  “Construction Operating Experience Benefits and Challenges”: Lisa Regner from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in the USA
  • Q&A session moderated by Heather Morgan, Associate Nuclear Safety Officer in the IAEA Division of Nuclear Installation Safety


Target Audience

The webinar is open to officials and nuclear security professionals from regulatory bodies, designers, operating organizations, technical support and research organizations as well as consultants, who are engaged in activities related to large scale nuclear power plant projects including construction and commissioning.


Working Language(s)

The webinar will be conducted in English.



Please register for the webinar using the above link and  no later than 14 July 2023.

After the registration and acceptance of your participation, you will receive an electronic mail containing information on how to access the webinar by following a hyperlink to join the WebEx meeting or by calling in by phone.

You can test your ability to connect to a WebEx meeting at the following link: https://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html#. Please contact your IT department if the test fails.

For additional help regarding registration, please contact Ms Heather Morgan, Operational Safety Section (Email: h.morgan@iaea.org)



Tomi Routamo

Tomi Routamo works as a Deputy Director in the Department of Nuclear Reactor Regulation in STUK – Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority. He has been at STUK for 14 years and was responsible for the oversight of operating nuclear power plants in Finland for 9 years up until the end of May 2023. He now leads the oversight of new nuclear power plant projects at STUK.

Petri Koistinen

Petri Koistinen is a Development Manager of Safety Culture (SC) and Continuous Improvement in the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant. He has been working with SC almost 20 years, both in operating units and construction (OL3). His main areas of expertise are human and organizational factors and organizational learning. He has M.Sc. in Psychology and D.Sc. in business administration.

HUA Jianfu

Hua Jianfu is a Nuclear Safety Technical Advisor (STA) in the China General Nuclear Power Group. He is an expert in the fields of nuclear power operation, nuclear safety supervision and management, nuclear safety culture and leadership building, experience feedback and improvement of nuclear power plants in China. He has worked in different technical positions in power plants with different technology types and is currently a senior engineer in a subsidiary company of China General Nuclear Group.

Lisa Regner

Lisa Regner is a member of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. She is responsible for implementation of the generic communications programme for the agency and the operating experience programme for operating nuclear power plants. She manages the collection, assessment, and distribution of operating experience and supports the reactor oversight process to ensure NRC staff have the information and tools to conduct the NRC mission effectively


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